PseudoBase Releases

Version # Date Details
V2.1.2Feb 2021Minor update: Update NSF information in footers to include grant numbers and logo
V2.1.1Jan 2021PseudoBase article published: Korunes, KL, RB Myers, R Hardy, and MAF Noor. 2020. PseudoBase: A genomic visualization and exploration resource for the Drosophila pseudoobscura subgroup. Fly. In press. doi: 10.1080/19336934.2020.1864201
V2.1.1DEC 2020Correct bug with case-insensitive "JBrowse to gene" search
V2.1NOV 2020Various updates:
  • Add comprehensive documentation within the info menu
  • Add new menu items: "Updates" and "Contact Us"
  • Allow for case-insensitive gene name searches (eg entering "adh" will show "Adh" gene)
  • Add ability within gene search to additionally search by Dper "GL" gene ids, Dper "FBgn" gene ids, Dmel "FBGN" gene ids and Dmel "CG" gene ids
  • Revamp search page layout to help distinguish input and output sections
  • Add help to explain "Aligned" flag functionality
  • Add functionality to directly jump to a specific gene or chromosome region via URL query parameters. More information here
  • Implement color scheme within the reference annotations track within JBrowse to help distinguish different feature types by color (see Ref Annotations track "About this track" menu within JBrowse to display the color legend used for each feature type)
  • Highlight user search entry errors more clearly (using bold, red color)
  • Correct issue where clicking on PseudoBase icon did not redirect to home page
  • Changed app name to "PseudoBase" (previously Pseudobase)
V2.0OCT 2020Major update from old server to PseudoBase 2.0. All documentation is up-to-date and future releases will be described here.
V1.0 Original version

Brought to you by the Noor laboratory at Duke University
Original research sponsored by the National Institutes of Health
This research sponsored by National Science Foundation grants 1545627, 1754022, and 1754439
Original database and interface designed and constructed by Ryan Hardy
PseudoBase v2.1 redesign and construction by Russell B Myers
Genome alignment and variant calling by Katharine Korunes Ph.D.
Please contact us at with any questions/comments
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